Granite State Forestry Services is a licensed professional New Hampshire based forestry consulting firm specializing in woodland property and forest management, selective thinning, logging and timber sales.


forest management

Granite State Forestry Services prides itself on practicing Sustainable Forest Management. One of the most valuable natural resources in New Hampshire is our forested land. Management of this natural resource branches beyond just the trees and includes wildlife habitat…more.

timber harvesting

Timber Harvesting is one of the most important forest management decisions a landowner can make is when and how to administer a timber sale. Most landowners will only harvest timber one or two times during the course of their life, which is why it is so important to use a knowledgeable Licensed Forester…more.

consulting services

Granite State Forestry Services woodland consulting services is happy to consult with you on anything that involves your New Hampshire woodland property…more.

woodlot evaluation

We offer a FREE woodland evaluation. Simply contact us and we will schedule a time to take a look at your property. Many landowners are unsure of how to effectively manage their forest or even where to begin. ¬†Our free woodland evaluation is the best way to get started…more.

current use

Enrolling your property into Current Use status can save you a very large amount of money on your tax bill and we can help…more.

wildlife habitat improvement

Managing a forest correctly can dramatically improve wildlife habitat. Selective thinning opens the canopy, which allows sunlight to hit the forest floor. Depending on landowner objectives, wildlife openings (small clearings) can also be created…more.