Timber Harvesting


One of the most important forest management decisions a landowner can make is when and how to administer a timber sale through harvesting.

TreeFarmMost landowners will only harvest timber one or two times during the
course of their life, which is why it is so important to use a knowledgeable Licensed Forester. We ensure that you will get the best possible outcome, while meeting your goals, and maximizing your financial return from the sale of your forest products.

Granite State Forestry Services has been handling timber harvesting sales for private landowners, corporations, and organizations for over 30 years. We are professionals in the timber business and work for you, the landowner. We will give you a high quality job and more money for your timber because that’s our passion.  We are committed to timber harvesting in an environmentally friendly manner and always provide the landowner with an accurate and understandable accounting of every load of forest product that leaves the site. Granite State Forestry Services Inc. is insured and only uses insured logging contractors.

Here are some services we offer and points to consider when having your timber harvested:

Timber harvesting plan

Marketing forest products

Locating and marking boundary lines

State and local permits and wetland notifications


Timber marking or designation and trail layout

Loggers / Timber harvesting crews

Land clearing / Whole tree harvesting and chipping / House lots

Timber harvesting supervision to ensure compliance with state and local regulations as well as wetland regulations.

Knowledge and working relationship with various logging contractors to utilize the best crew for the site and harvest objectivesTimber Harvesting NH