Forest Management

forest management

Granite State Forestry Services prides itself on practicing Sustainable Forest Management.

One of the most valuable natural resources in New Hampshire is our forested land. Management of this natural resource branches beyond just the trees and includes wildlife habitat, soil and water quality, aesthetics, recreation, and economics.  We have the knowledge, experience, and the education to responsibly manage your woodland and provide professional and trusted service that meets our client’s objectives.

A forest is an investment for you and future generations. How you manage this precious land resource will have tremendous impact on the value of your property and its health and productivity for years to come.

Granite State Forestry can assist you in managing your forest management needs in a variety of ways

Management Plans

Timber Sale Administration

Wildlife habitat


Timber stand improvement

Timber inventory

Soil conservation and erosion control

Boundary line delineation

Forest timber type mapping

Forest road development and location

forest management nh