Woodland evaluation

We offer a FREE woodland evaluation.  Simply contact Granite State Forestry Services Inc. and we will schedule a time to take a look at your property.  Many landowners are unsure of how to effectively manage their forest or even where to begin.  Our free woodland evaluation is the best way to get started.  We base our evaluation on good forest management in combination with the goals and objectives that you, the landowner, have in mind for your property.  The evaluation focuses on the age, size, density, and health of your different tree species.  The evaluation also looks at the result of past management, the volume of forest product that should be harvested, and the amount of income that you, the landowner, will make by managing your woodlot.  There are many other factors included in our evaluation such as:

  • Property location
  • Soil types
  • Topography
  • The best way to access your property for logging equipment
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Wetlands, streams, and vernal pools
  • The best time of year of year to be operating on the land
  • Percent tree canopy closure and vertical diversity

We are happy to meet you at your property and walk around a section or the entire woodlot.  If it is more convenient we can walk through and evaluate your property on our own and contact you to discuss our findings and recommendations.  Best of all… its free.